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These everyday people have taken the time to pen some brief words about their experiences dealing with Action Graphics.


"We are absolutely delighted with the brochures. We were also delighted with the really excellent service which we received from Action Graphics."

Ian MacDiarmid, Glen Innes, NSW

"We have been inundated with compliments and requests regarding your magazine. We have also done really well with our postcards - our compliments and thanks to Aaron Tomkins. He did an excellent job with them."

Heather Carr, Blackall, Queensland

"We have been so busy thanks to your beautiful brochure."

Glenda Scharli, Bowen, Queensland

"In excess of 10 years the Outback Festival - Winton have preferred the services of Action Graphics for professionalism, quality and promptness in the printing of brochures and posters."

Robyn Stephens OAM, Secretary/Co-Ordinator, Outback Festival - Winton


TRAVEL ACTION - (Magazine Readers):

"We wish to compliment you on the excellence of the Travel Action Bruce Highway & Byways magazine. It has been of invaluable assistance to us in the planning of our 10-week travelling holiday to Cairns."

Judy and Kevin Pope, O'Halloran Hill, South Australia

"We were luck enough to pick up our copy ot Travel Action before we did our trip to Townsville in September and it was the best trip yet. We learned more from the magazine than any travel agent could tell us."

Julie Norman, Port Macquarie, New South Wales

"We used the magazine so much it was a little worse for wear by the time we had finished, but isn't that a sign of a really good book? Congratulations to your team. I only wish you had similar publications for the other states of Australia."

Joan Edwards, Teralba, New South Wales



"Thanks for a great product. Your ideas, suggestions, workmanship and organisation were faultless. All concerned are very happy with the results."

Neil Stephen, Stanthorpe, Queensland

"Thank you for all the artwork time and effort you put into the Major Mitchell products. We are very happy with the brochures, posters, tea towels, stubby coolers and stickers."

Donna Stewart, Surat, Queensland

"Action Graphics are the preferred supplier of the Outback festival - Winton for embroidered shirts because of their flexibility of design and quality of the finished product."

Robyn Stephens OAM, Secretary/Co-Ordinator, Outback Festival - Winton



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